About Us


CyfrOne is a combination of Cypher (or Zero) and One implying the Zero to One concept that represents a leap from Nothing to Something, a path to innovation and building something from the first principles. Our company is established on the same philosophy of creating and building solutions that are built to last.

We, the CoFounders - Riaz and Tabish, have last held executive positions at Amazon, and possess combined professional experience of 35+ years in organizations like Tata Steel, Bank of America, General Electric, iRunway (now UnitedLex). Through these years, we have demonstrated a builder mindset, relentlessly innovated on behalf of customers and solved global large scale problems. All this, across ECommerce, BFSI, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, Tech support, OffShoring and Start Ups. In these organizations, we successfully built and led World Wide teams, scaled thousands of employees, along with coaching and developing senior global leaders to set them up for success. Through our working relationships, we have realized and leveraged our complementary and diverse skills, to be force multipliers for each other, paving the path for organizational success.

Our fundamental belief in continuous learning and inherent curiosity to tread new avenues, set the foundation for CyfrOne.

Our Vision is "To build enduring solutions for deep rooted business problems from the first principles"

Our Mission is “To Provide solutions by leveraging technology & leadership experience for businesses to raise the bar on customer experience, unlock hidden value and realize true potential.”